Eyewear Trends In 2020

Eyewear Trends In 2020

IF you want a new pair of latest glasses, this guide will help you with what to look out for from 2020.

There are a number of statement shapes which are on trend for 2020. Retro shades have returned, transporting us back to the 1970s. Cat eye and Butterfly frames are in for the quirky ones among us and of course bold, block shapes for the minimalists. All shapes and styles are available in both optical and sunglasses.

Oversized Square
Jumping back to the 1970’s with the oversized square. This frame is a stylish alternative to not putting makeup on when you are out of the house before 9am. The Oversized square is an effortless shape which instantly looks cool with anything in your wardrobe whether smart or casual. The brands to watch are Dior, Fendi, Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana if you want this look for 2020.

Are you a minimalist that likes to stand out? 2020 is all about geometric and innovative shapes. We have a collection of bold shapes which are in stock as well as more coming in for our 2020 collection. Our minimal shapes can be paired with any look regardless of the season. For a statement shape, keep an eye out for Oliver Peoples, Christian Roth and Givenchy.

A returning favourite is the retro styling. A complimentary shape which has been adapted over the last few years has been worn by the biggest names in fashion and the celebrity world, from Kendall Jenner to Jennifer Anniston. The ageless frame comes in a variety of sizes from micro to large so any face shape can join the retro trend. Most brands have adopted the retro frame however give Christian Roth, Tom Ford, Chanel and Stella McCartney a look.

A youthful trend inspired by emerging economies and Generation Z with empowering, upbeat connotations. This results in a combination of sustainable and playful elements creating a unique design element for eyewear in 2020.

5 key colour ways are trickling down to the mainstream which will impact 2020. All five colours represent a progressive mood, in particular optimism and versatility paired with cool crisp hues with a futuristic edge, representing all three macro trends.

1. Aqua
2. Peach
3. Olive
4. Burnt Lemon
5. Plum
This trend has led to a mixture of handcrafted texture and premium materials. The designing emotion trend can investigate how technology and craftsmanship can work alongside each other to create unique designs, representing imperfections and deeper purchase connection

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